Professional courses
for boys and girls

Professional courses for girls and boys


After the construction of the Secondary School we started in February 2018 to organize professional courses for those young people of the village of Mundolobela who do not have the opportunity to enter the High School. Twenty-six young people from the village of Mundolobela were chosen who would hardly have a working future. We started with courses in electrician, plumber and welder and these courses were attended by both girls and boys. We have seen that the KOPUMUNA SKILLS PROJECT DEVOLEPMENTE PROCJECT, from the very beginning, is promising very well.
A second cycle of courses for 40 boys/girls began in January 2019. Tailoring and cooking courses were also included. The offer has widened and since January 2020 an IT course has been introduced and the number of young people who will benefit from these courses has been increased by 50 per cycle.

The demand from young people who would like to attend one of the professional courses offered by the KOPUMUNO SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CENTRE grows from year to year. Our financial resources do not allow us to accept everyone, unfortunately, but gradually the number of participants grows. Currently there are seventy boys/girls who manage to train professionally in one of the courses offered, 70 young people removed from the street : 20 Electricians, 15 Plumbers, 8 Fashion and Design (Tailoring), 20 Hospitality and Tourism with cooking course, 7 Computer Science.
The Ministry for Community Development also recommended introducing a specialization course at the end of the six months of learning to help young people start their own small business.
More than 300 young people have so far taken advantage of the opportunity to train for free with a professional course and a good number of them have opened their own business, with a great benefit for the whole community.
In 2018, thanks to the substantial contribution of a sponsor, a plot of land was purchased to build a building where to conduct all courses.
In the meantime a workshop was built to move part of the courses from the currently rented house. As early as September, half of the courses will take place in the new building.

To add another building to the existing one and to continue financing professional courses we need the help of everyone.